File Analyst - Carrier (Full Time)

Location: Fargo



The File Analyst – Carrier is responsible to implement file processes for incoming and outgoing carrier files ensuring that the process is integrated using the Claims Exchange and Debit Card Substantiation file specifications. The File Analyst – Carrier is the dedicated resource for all parties involved in the file implementation process and takes ownership from start to finish. This position is also responsible for creating strong processes for new and existing carrier feeds.


  • Coordinate the incoming file implementation process for the carrier, employer and consultant/broker.
    • Communicate and coordinate the file implementation process between departments including Sales, Implementation, Account Management, Claims, Renewal, Operations, Application Development (AD) and Participant Services
    • Walk the employer, consultant/broker and/or the carrier through the file implementation period by communicating all processes and following up with the appropriate person/s until the process is completed
    • Utilize and promote file layouts supported by Discovery Benefits
    • Develop solutions for a seamless file integration
    • Provide timelines and conference call recap emails to ensure information is being recorded
    • Ongoing evaluation of existing clients’ file specifications to ensure most integrated solution is offered
    • Strategize and execute a conversion plan when necessary
  • Coordinate the outgoing carrier file testing process with the appropriate EDI carrier contact.
    • Communicate and coordinate the carrier file testing process with the EDI contact at the carrier as well as EDI, Account Management and Operations as necessary to move carrier through the testing process and into production
    • Provide timelines and conference call recap emails to ensure information is being recorded
    • Continually identify groups to be tested for carrier files and continuously move clients to carrier files as new carrier files are built
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with consultants, brokers, carriers and employers as the file implementation contact.
    • Educate all involved on file/system specifications and the timelines involved to keep file testing moving in a positive direction towards production
    • Evaluate the employer, carrier, consultant and/or file administrator’s satisfaction with the file implementation process
    • Resolve any issues brought forward during the file implementation period and communicate these issues to Sales, Implementation, Senior Account Management and/or the consultant or broker
    • Document all complaints and any corresponding responses to the complaint
    • Respond to all requests made by the employer, consultant and/or the third-party file vendor within 24 hours
  • Communicate and educate the carrier, consultant, brokers and employer on internal processes.
    • Testing processes
    • Processing timelines (once files are in production)
    • Error reporting and methods of communication
    • Software functionality
  • Provides support to the Sales and Marketing team during the sales process.
    • Serve as a subject matter expert. Assist with questions, research or review of files for potential clients
    • Send file specifications (upon request) to potential new clients
  • Manage the details of the file implementation.
    • Track and coordinate file implementations for carriers, including file conversion projects
    • Attend and schedule conference calls to discuss the file implementation processes
    • Track and follow-up to ensure test files are received within the appropriate timelines, keeping all parties updated on the progress
  • Work with other departments to ensure a positive customer experience.
    • Create efficiencies and improving processes for carriers, employers, consultants and third-party vendors
    • Assist with creating special processes for files through working with other departments (if necessary)
  • Work on special projects as assigned.
    • Assist department manager with special projects
    • Develop and update administrative procedures as needed
    • Review and update administrative forms as needed
    • All other duties as assigned


  • Customer service experience and benefit experience typically acquired in one to two years
  • Computer proficiency required
  • Must have excellent customer service skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Innovative
  • Meets daily deadlines consistently
  • Must take initiative in jobs performed; seek solutions and answers to problems
  • Flexibility/ adaptability